TalariaX SendQuick has designed a comprehensive plug and play SMS appliance gateway to cater to a wider range of challenges organizations might face – the sendQuick Alert Plus. In addition to easy integration with existing applications like email, database and application servers as well as infrastructure like backup power management system, cable management system and network monitoring server, the sendQuick Alert Plus comes with added features like being 1U rack mountable for space efficiency and syslog filtering function allowing sendQuick Alert Plus to support all types of applications and devices in an IT infrastructure.

SendQuick Alert Plus supports an unlimited number of firewall, IPS, antivirus, UPS, network monitoring system, databases and other servers without the use of any software installation, providing greater value and convenience for users. The built in SMS reminder and escalation features to ensure message acknowledgement further enhances sendQuick Alert Plus as a reliable appliance for IT alerts. Updated patches of sendQuick Alert Plus offers optimized messaging speed with increased stability.