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Your business depends on applications now more than ever because every delay and outage directly affects top-line and bottome-line results. Applications are how we reach customers, build products, automate back-end process, and perform nearly every task critical business.

Availability and fast access for all applications is imperative, but complexity makes trouble shooting difficult.
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This evolution in the definition of ADC was not arbitrary; rather, it reflected the inclusion of new, adjacent capabilities.

As a related trends such as Web 2.0, social networking and cloud impacted application and data center architectures, functions such as identity and access management were offloaded and consolidated on ADC systems capable of rapidly providing these services.
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Attack methodologies change. Threat vectors change. Once-powerful defenses become obsolete. As the pace of these changes increases, it's unrealistic to wait for defense methods to catch up, or for new products to be developed and releases pushed out.

Read this article to learn about near real-time host protection, where the new threat vectors are known to the rest of the world even as they act.
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Networks are strained to keep up with this tremendous growth. Traffic patterns are migrating from people-to-people and people-to-thing to machine-to-machine.

Machine transactions will not only massively spike capacity demands, but also increase the complexity of traffic due to innumerable, dynamic, and interactive policies.