Automated Technologies Incorporated

Automated Technologies, Inc. is a wholly Filipino owned Information Technology (IT) company with nationwide operations offering varied products and services.

In all its undertakings, Automated Technologies has pursued the challenge to excel. It is this intensity and dedication that enabled Automated Technologies Inc. to win accolades of recognition from its foreign technology partners every year.

Established in 1992, it started as a service provider for Banks ATM and Tellering Systems. It shifted to providing service maintenance on Digital, Compaq, HP Servers, and Cisco equipment in 2004. After years in the industry, Automated Technologies has grown into the Philippines leading technology services company providing the full range of solutions for the IT needs of the country's largest enterprises. Along with its growth, it has acquired a number of official partners that support the company in submitting to the industry's demands. Its expertise in products such as HP, SUN, Bluecoat and Symantec technologies have allowed the company to consistently develop highly successful and loyal relationships with its customer base. Automated Technologies Inc.'s best references are its customers and the benefits that they have enjoyed from working with the company.

Its proven track record has enabled to bring the benefits of highly skilled and experienced pool of technical resources to the global I.T. services industry, particularly in the more complex areas of Hardware and Software Maintenance, Remote Data Center, and I.T. Systems Management. The company has invested in developing two largest fully-equipped Data Centers redundant configuration to ensure fault tolerant 24/7 support operations for our Outsourcing and Business Continuity Services.

Automated Technologies Inc. faces the challenge and opportunities that lie ahead with better skilled personnel, stronger alliances, and sound financials. It is prepared and ready to achieve its vision of becoming the leading IT solution provider in the Philippines competing with multinational companies.